Custom High Top Bar Room Tables, and Dinning Tables

Morning Wood Customs beautiful, rustic barn wood tables made from reclaimed barn wood (Not Pallets) and salvaged, antique barn beam timbers. The tables are constructed from reclaimed barn siding 2x8 beams, and when available 8x8 center support beams. Each table will be a little different due to the types of reclaimed barn wood that Morning Wood Custom uses. All of the pieces have been hand selected to create this very nice wood top with lots of color and different hardwoods. The tops are also extra thick for sturdiness. The reclaimed barn boards are mounted to barn wood frame for extra stability.  Our tables range from simple end tables, coffee tables, indoor dining tables, outdoor some as large as 8'x4'. Our barn wood is age to perfection at 100 years of age. Our most common size we receive is between 9-13 feet long and 4 inches thick.